Anaheim Hills Iron Gate 2

Seasons greeting from Orange County Iron by Ferro Iron! I have been swamped as of late but with the holidays in full swing I now have some time to catch up and share some of our latest Iron projects and things that have been keeping us busy as we reach the end of a magnificent 2015. We are starting things off with an some Anaheim Hills Iron Gates and Fencing project I finished recently. To give a bit of background information we use our iron as a classic framework with high quality finished wood to give a fantasic look that is far more secure as well. We have seen a resurgance of interest in these types of projects as of late and while I may be repeating myself, they look fantastic and the solid construction offers additional security and privacy you simply can not get with a chain link or standard wooden fence.

Iron Gate Anaheim Hills 3

Below you can see the other side of the project where we have installed another Iron Door. This was a much larger span so we added the additional span to give the door normal proportions. You can also see how with Iron Gates and Iron Fencing in Orange County that extra span adds definition and visually carries aesthetic appeal. Once again when you are working with Iron this is heavy duty and built to last. It not only looks great but will continue to provide durability for years to come.

Anaheim Hills Iron GateAnaheim Hills Iron Gate 2

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We are always happy to provide guidance and assistance and even just answer questions you may have about how you next Anaheim Hills Iron Gate or Fencing project, or anywhere in Orange County for that matter! Happy Holidays from Ferro Iron.

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