Have a quick minute and wanted to share my latest project that was an Iron Staircase Railing in Huntington Beach, Huntington Harbor to be exact but maybe Im splitting hairs here. I will be honest that in this case the homeowner was not looking for anything too elaborate and wanted a simply spiral railing for his staircase. Projects like this that are very straight forward can still present some challenges with some minor details that an inexperienced iron worker would probably overlook and extent the time it takes to complete the job substantially. You may remember I talked about a previous Orange County Iron Staircase Railing I talked about in a previous blog.

But for someone with years of experience and has seen it all and done it all you come to expect the unexpected and are experienced on knowing how to complete the job properly and leave the job knowing you have given the homeowner the safety and security they are looking for. Orange County Iron Fencing and Railing jobs can be funny because sometimes the homeowner wants something distinctive and elaborate and other times the homeowner wants something solid and heavy duty for security only. There is no right or wrong, simply a matter of personal preference.

Huntington Beach Stairs

Here is a top view of the job…and Huntington Harbor. I do like the choice of color the homeowner used, the soft blue is a passive color but looks complimentary to the home as well as the water itself. Once again in this case I have done many spiral staircase iron railing jobs so this was pretty routine for me and fairly straightforward. I like the clear glass used on their deck as well…they have a beautiful back yard and now they have the great aesthetics as well as the peace of mind that comes with an iron staircase railing from Orange County Iron.

Huntington Beach Staircase Railing

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