Irom Gate Rancho Santa Margarita

I have a bit of time so wanted to catch up and share some of the latest pictures from some of our recent Orange County Iron projects. It has been a busy, busy time for us so I am glad I now have some time to get caught up on all things iron and share some of our latest pictures.

Iron Gate Design

We are going to start with some pictures of our latest Iron Gate project. I wanted to post these just to show some of the detail and intricate, artisan work that we at Orange County Iron by Ferro Iron put into all of our custom iron gate projects. As mentioned in our debut blog “Orange County Iron by Ferro Iron- Our Story,” all of our work is handcrafted using age old iron smelting and blacksmithing techniques used for generations on the same block in Orange we have been for decades.

Below is the full view picture of one of our custom Orange County Iron Gates. I should this because I want people to see that every curve and detail in this gate is hand crafted and detailed. Its easy maybe to think its just some huge press or pre-made form from some factory, but all of the items from Orange County Iron by Ferro Iron are custom crafted.

Orange County Iron Gate

Every notch, every detail, every curve, every loop, every band-all custom crafted to our clients specifications. I want to stress and I am sure Ill write a future blog about this, but our success lies in the fact that I work directly with our clients to get an exact idea of what they want and expect. I typically will draft up 2 or 3 different versions of iron doors or iron gates through collaborating with the client to get the design that works best.

Iron Gate OC Iron

Iron Gate Orange County


I hope these pictures can once again show the amount of detail we put into all of our work. With that in mind I wanted to share some before and after photos of one of our Custom Iron Doors project we did in Rancho Santa Margarita, Robinson Ranch to be exact. I thought it might be handy for those who have a large exterior wall and were looking for extra security or maybe just for someone who has children and wants piece of mind and thinking about starting an Orange County Iron Door installation.

Orange County Iron Door- Before

Orange County Iron Door Before

You can see by the picture above the span was fairly wide and I am certain there are probably some homeowner who feel given that fact, adding an Iron Gate may be unfeasible or maybe just not work on am aesthetic level. Those are probably some of the most common things I hear from homeowners actually.

Orange County Iron Door- After

Orange County Iron Door

Here is the completed projected and you can see that we were able to complete this project in a manner that both looks great and adds the security and peace of mind that an iron gate can provide. And once again, we can use all sorts of design ideas so regardless if you want something rustic, contemporary, modern, post-modern or whatever- Orange County Iron by Ferro Iron has the experience and hand crafted custom iron design skills that has served Orange County for decades.

Finally, I will be trying to add other photos and updates to our Facebook page, if you enjoy reading the blog and want to get the latest greatest please go the Orange County Iron Facebook page and give us a thumbs up! We appreciate the kind words and support we have already received from our blog!


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