I found myself with a bit of extra time and thought I share some cool pictures that you may want to consider before you decide to start your next Orange County Iron Fencing and Railing job. Do want to say upfront that with over 3 decades of experience providing the highest quality Iron work in Orange County, we are qualified and can do any of the jobs that are posted here, but these are simply some cool pictures other iron crafting artesans have created that I found.

To kick things off the picture below I wanted to share for a couple of reasons. For starters I really like the choice of cooler they used as well as the design. Maybe its just being in the business for as long as I have but I tend to appreciate the little things so the combination of the color as well as the detail and design. Don’t get me wrong and I readily admit its not absolutely mind-blowing(trust me thats still to come) but I can appreciate good work when I see it. The other factor I like with this design is the rounded/curved end piece. Probably wouldn’t be the best idea for a iron security gate orange county for obvious reasons, but for aesthetics and the “cool” factor it was a good creative decision. Many Iron Crafters and Installers could have and would have went with a square and ran another post.

iron fencing orange county

Another cool picture I found that resonated with me can be seen below…

custom iron fences orange county

Much like how I admired the Iron Crafter making an out of the box choice with the first picture I posted, this probably falls into the  same category. And once again, this design is probably something you will never see and I am willing to bet something the Custom Iron Crafter did in conjunction with the homeowner. I am actually going be talking about how I love to collaborate in a future blog but I digress.  One of the cool things about working with Iron is you can get creative and use all sorts of symbolism or custom designs. Whether you want rustic, post modern, contemporary or whatever-the door(wrought iron hopefully) is wide open to do whatever you like.

cool  privacy fence

Here is something I think is vastly underrated and underused, especially for those looking for extra privacy. This is your typical wrought iron fence, but with the addition of treated wood(tons of color options there as well) you can not only create a great look but also add an element of privacy. Maybe you have a nosy neighbor? Maybe that area of your yard that faces a public space with lots of foot traffic? Regardless of the reason the wood/wrought iron security and privacy fence makes a lot of sense for a lot of reasons along with just looking fantastic. As mentioned as well, you can use different type of woods and stains and lacquers and varnish to feature unlimited options. With decades of experience with all things Iron in Orange County, we know how to let you know all of the options and features that will give you Iron project the expert touch you demand.

Have an idea for a future wrought iron project? Give me a call at 714-633-6940 and we talk about the options for your next Iron project!

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  • Cheryl Smith says:

    I love the design of the suncrest at the end of the railing. That is a decorative way to finish the project off. I have been thinking about doing a railing fence. Hopefully, it will turn out just as nice.

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