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Before I get into the latest, greatest blog from Orange County Iron I first wanted to wish a big Happy New Year to everybody and those who have written some nice letters and left me some nice comments on the Orange County Iron facebook page and the Orange County Iron Houzz page. Its always fun to keep everybody up on the latest goings on in the every exciting world of iron work in Orange County.

Today I thought it would be fun to share how the design process works. Sometimes a home owner will know right away what design they are looking for and sometimes they might be a bit hazier on what they are looking for. In cases like this I like to generally just hand draw the design for the home owner to get a visual idea of exactly what type of options they have and once given some general direction, draw a final rendering of the design at hand as so that the home owner can fully approve and be confident in the work we are doing. You may have heard the phrase “its locked in stone” to refer to something that cannot be changed. Well that saying can certainly apply to working with Iron as well in that once a design for an iron door, iron gate, or iron fencing and railing has been cast there is no going back! You can see an example of this below in design for an Orange County Iron Gate project.

Custom Iron Gate Design

Once we have approval for the drawing then that hard work begins! You can read more about this in the Blog I wrote a couple months ago called Orange County Iron by Ferro Iron: Our Story. It is all about how we hand craft all of iron projects much in the same fashion the blacksmiths did in days of yore. Using high heat to melt, bend, curve and custom craft high quality iron isn’t exactly a walk in the park and certainly something that cannot be taught overnight. Orange County Iron by Ferro Iron has decades of experience in the industry which is why we are OCs favorite company for all things iron.

Here you can see some of the detail in how our iron is hand crafted and detailed customer specifications. May sounda bit silly, but people who have never worked with iron or installed a gate or door do not really realize just how heavy and dense iron really is. A large handcrafted Iron Entry Gate carries substantial weight…its a bit more complex then installing a screen door for instance.

Iron Gate Orange County

Finally, after all of the designs and curves are painstakingly fashioned to meet the design you finally have the end results of the project. Being able to see a design through from its initial inception to the final product is always thrilling not for the home owner, but for our staff as well. We take a tremendous ¬†amount of pride in our work and the results speak for themselves. Whether you are looking for a Iron Door in Laguna Hills or Iron Fencing and Railing in Huntington Beach, Orange County Iron by Ferro Iron is a phone call away. Call ¬†714-633-6940 for your next iron project-you never know…it may be featured in a future Orange County Iron blog!

Laguna Iron Entry Gate


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