Hello again everyone and thanks as always for taking the time to read another blog from the Orange County Iron website. After our last blog where I talked a bit and walked about the process of a custom wrought iron gate job I completed I thought it would be fun to talk about some recent projects that I have completed. These projects are nothing too fancy nor elaborate but I thought it would be fun to show that all iron jobs and iron work dont have to be super elaborate or high brow…the Iron Gate below certainly came out beautifully.

Below you can the picture of a an Iron Gate I completed recently. Maybe judging by the angle of the picture it looks like Laguna Beach or some other high end neighborhood but this was your normal middle class neighborhood. I will say the homeowner did a fantastic job of using the color of the stonework and the complimentart look of the darker hues used on this Iron Gate in Costa Mesa. Installing and custom creating iron gates like this are fairly common and something that comes very easy when youve got decades of experience.

Iron Gates Costa Mesa

Following that same theme, here is an iron side gate project, that once again, was fairly routine. On this project I thought it would be fun to do a bit of the old before and after pictures so did as much, Below you can see the faded, rusted, rotted atrocity of their former gate. And nothing speaks class like using a piece of rope to hold your gate shut. The homeowner wisely made the decision to give us a call!

San Clemente Side Gate Before

Below you can see the completed project. Note there is no more ugly rope! We installed and mounted a post that allowed the gate to be easily opened and closed and locked and secured. Basically- everything you expect an iron side gate to accomplish! You can see by the before and after that the new gate gives a polished look to the home…pun firmly intended. If you are looking for an Iron Gate or Wrought Iron Doors in San Clemente┬álike this homeowner was- feel free to give me a call and we can talk about what OC Iron by Ferro Iron can do for your next home improvement project.

San Clemente Side Gate After

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