vintage blacksmiths

vintage blacksmiths

Before I get to todays blog I wanted to thank everyone for all of the kind words about the website and last weeks blog I wrote about the history of Orange County Iron by Ferro Iron and how we came to be the premiere Orange County Iron company for all things gates, fences, rails, ornamental art and more. I was kind of surprised, but very thankful for the positive feedback so wanted to thank everybody once again.

Orange County Iron Comes to Social Media

On that same note I did want to also share some other places you can find the latest information and pictures and goings on for all thing having to do with our latest projects. Its funny there are so many different places for social media these days it can be a big confusing as to where to even start but for all intensive purposes we just kept it simply and went with the big guns with the Orange County Iron Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Note as well for you Pinterest users you can still feel free to pin any of our pictures but as of now we dont have a Pinterest account. If its something you would like to see send us an email and we can go ahead and create one. Note as well that we will also be trying to incorporate more pictures and projects at the official Houzz Orange County Iron by Ferro Iron, which also happens to have an office in good ole Orange County.

Orange County Iron Gates: Your own Personal Game of Thrones

Anyhow all the social media facebook and twitter stuff aside, one other item I wanted to touch on was the response I got when a few people emailed me about the “Game of Thrones Iron Door.” Its easy now when you can go to Home Depot and buy any model bedroom door or more elaborate heavy duty front doors and security doors but at one time the “Game of Thrones’ door was simply known as “the door” and like all things when it comes Orange County Iron Gates and custom Iron Work we do it the right way, and I suppose in the case of the Game of Thrones you can almost imagine Tyrion storming through the door with a wine goblet in hand hurling obscenities. Anyhow this is the door, which in this case is being used as a security gate.

Orange County Iron Gates

Your Own Personal Game of Thrones Gate, Ask us About Drawbridge Options

I am having some fun here obviously but the facts are that because we do all of our iron doors, iron fencing and railing and ornamental art using the same techniques handed down from generation to generation and do all of the work in-house, we can and do all types of styles and basically custom design anything a client wishes, provided of course it comes with heavy duty high quality iron that is! And while we have never taken an order for one, I look forward to making our first drawbridge.

So Much more to come!

Anyhow, as we continue to post pictures and share our blogs and what not Ill be sharing some before and after pictures of our current projects as well as sharing some examples of work we think is cool that is made by other iron artisans like us. As a company with three generations of experience we appreciate the craft and the expertise that goes into high quality iron work, so we look forward to sharing those pictures as well….and we also promise no more Game of Thrones talk.

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  • Drew says:

    I love the looks that you can create using iron for your door or entryway. The medieval theme is definitely a fun one to have around your home. Thanks so much for sharing!

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